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Say Hi to Samantha

Tuesday, August 24th, 2010

Let this be the first good post of Samantha.

She is now 5 months old based on her age. Physically she is like a 2 months old baby except that she is still quite floppy and unable to support her head yet.  Still wearing newborn sized diaper and clothing.

It has been a month since Samantha was discharged from GHKL.  She is tolerating milk via the feeding tube as mentioned in my earlier post.   I resumed breastfeeding so that my breast won’t be an alien to her and also to keep my BM supply going which has been decreasing.  We also offer her water through bottle to stimulate her sucking reflex and in case she is able to go back to bottle feed again. Her doctor disallow us to BF and bottle feed her as afraid that she may get choke but so far she has been taking it well. (Shhh…can’t let the doc know).

She gained some weight from 3.3kg to 3.65kg within a month.  Not much but this is consider a good progress despite her condition.  It will be a long way for her to catch up with babies of her age. She looks chubbier now. She can sleep better and for longer hours too nowadays. On and off, she still whine and cry unconsolably which could be due to colic, reflux or soiled diaper.

Talking about soiled diaper, Samantha is really a princess! She wants to be changed IMMEDIATELY once her diaper has soiled else she will not stop crying. Sometimes, she just want you to check on her diaper eventhough the diaper is not soiled.

Her big brother Jonathan adores her so much. He likes to kiss her, smell her, carry her, hold her hand and sleep beside her. He will take her hand to caress his face. And recently, I have no idea why he feels like biting her fist…love bite? :)