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Sam’s going for drips

Sunday, June 6th, 2010

The last feed that went in without being vomited was approximately 36 hours ago. Sam has lost weight and is showing further signs of dehydration. We’ve consulted the doctor and he has asked to admit Sam tomorrow morning. We’ll be sending her to PCMC as Dr. Choy will be available there in the morning.

We’re hoping that this time, the doctor will be able to find what is and prescribe the proper medication. May God continue to guide each of us on what to do and continue to heal her.

No conclusion

Monday, May 31st, 2010

We brought Sam to doctor today and he checked her. Samantha was sent for brain and abdomen ultrasound. Her urine sample were taken again for another lab test.

The results from the ultrasound came back with negative for Plyloric Stenosis, the problem which Sam’s brother had when he was 3 weeks old. Doctor also has ruled out UTI as the urine sample taken did not contain any signs of infection. However, the ultrasound on the brain shows that there is sign of water in it. This would need further MRI on the brain for clearer picture. According to the doctor, this was present during the first week when she was in PCMC.

Now, the cause of the vomiting is still not found. We would need to observe her condition for the next 2 days. During this time, complete hygiene is to be practiced so that viral infection could be ruled out too. If the vomiting still continue for these 2 days, she will be admitted into hospital and get thorough examination.

As for Samantha, she is slightly active compare to yesterday. We could still see from her eye that she is tired too. bWe’re hoping it is just a reflux and could go away after few days.

God, please guide us to find the cause for the vomiting.

Infection risk

Tuesday, May 25th, 2010

Dr. Choy called me up yesterday and informed me that the urine test came out positive of infection. He requested for another test to be performed for confirmation.

This morning, darling and I tried to gather the urine. Samantha is so gentle, she only gave out little urine. We waited for a whole 1 hour just to gather 10ml. I took half day off from work today to go to SDMC to pass the urine samples to the nurse and then the lab for testing. Doc says the result will most probably be ready by Friday.

Hopefully we’ll know the reason why she cries in pain each time she wanted to pass motion or urine.

Body developments are showing good signs

Monday, May 17th, 2010

Samantha was brought for checkup last Saturday, 15 May 2010. Doctor was satisfied with Samantha’s growth progress and mention that many normal signs are showing. Her active activities such as crying, constant observations of her surroundings, movements, cravings and such are signs that her brain is also developing well. Her weight gain @3.05KG provided the extra signs that nutrients are being absorb well by her body. God’s healing is indeed in progress.

We’re still concern of her constant passing of motions, but doctor reaffirms us that it is due to breast milk intake. He adviced that we could rotate feeding with special formula milk. The current formula milk he recommended is Neocade.

This time, the doctor has taken her urine to perform several tests and the result will only be known in the next visit, which is scheduled 19 June 2010.