Samantha was delivered via C-sect due to a breech position and weighing at 2.03kg. Apgar score was good and she looks like a normal healthy baby. Initially she was sucking well from the bottle but later towards the evening, pediatrician informed us that she was shivering and so she will be put in the incubator for the time being.

In the evening of the second day, she looks lethargic and was breathing rapidly with a pulse rate of 180+. Pediatrician stopped her feeding and put her on IV drip via her belly button in order for her to rest so to see if her condition will improve the next day.

In the morning of the third day, she was not getting much better but her condition deteriorated with very high acid level in the blood (pH 6.8 compared to normal pH 7.6). Pediatrician informed us that we need to send her to a bigger medical centre for further examination. He called all of the government hospitals and private medical centres but non are available to accept the patient.  At last, without a choice, we ended up at Prince Court Medical Centre (PCMC) in the heart of KL city. We are aware of the higher medical charges but we rather not put the baby’s health at risk by waiting for another few hours or a day until we get a cheaper hospital. Pediatrician immediately arranged for the ambulance to transport baby Samantha in the incubator accompanied by Darling.

In the afternoon, I got myself discharged, one day earlier with my sisters’ help. Good thing that I was strong enough and had recuperated quite well from the C-sect. I never thought that I would be wheeled out from the hospital without my baby in my arm. I had to be strong to face every challenges and Darling and I knew that Samantha will be in good hands.

At PCMC, Samantha’s condition was quite severe. She was admitted due to severe metabolic acidosis. When the doctors briefed us on her condition, they sounded very unpromising if Samantha can make it through or if there is any brain damage. She was sedated with tubes and wires every where. Every second, every minutes, every hour and every stages that she is going through is like a battle you never know if you will win. But by faith, we prayed to God each time she goes through a procedures. That night was a painful and scary night for both Darling and I.  We are very thankful and blessed that we have a group of doctors and nurses that are very caring, loving and sincere, that are willing to put in every might and effort to stabilize Samantha. Due to the severe acidosis, the doctors had to perform a blood exchange transfusion and peritoneal dialysis to remove as much acid as possible. The whole thing lasted until past midnight.

The next day and days after that was really amazing grace of God. Her acidosis level and pulse rate slowly improves. She fought strong and progressed very well for a tiny baby like her. It was a great joy seeing her getting well every day. Indeed God is good…all the time. Indeed God is watching over Samantha. Whilst she was in NICU, we  whispered to her everyday that Jesus is holding her hands to walk through all these and she’s going to be fine. Amen!

Days later, our little girl on the day she was discharged from hospital. Tiny she is but the angel of our heart. We prayed with faith that she would not suffer from any developmental delay, learning difficulties, physical handicaps, behavioral problems or sickness which could occur in babies affected by IEM.

… 7 months passes by …

Samantha has rest in peace on 19 Nov 2010. She is with God now. Rest well our dear daughter.

We will miss you very much.