Baby Jeremy

November 6th, 2012 by Julie

Mommy’s dearest Samantha,

You may notice mommy no longer called you baby Samantha. That is because mommy had given birth to a baby boy on 25 October 2012. Yes, you are now a big sister and Jonathan kor kor is still a big brother.

Unfortunately, happiness could not stay with us for long. Your baby brother, Jeremy gone to be with Jesus on 1 November 2012. Unlike you, he could only stay with daddy and mommy for 7 days.

Although he was born little because of the prematurity, he was a strong boy. He had a good chance to survive until the doctor broke the deadly news to us. Baby Jeremy was diagnosed with mitochondrial disease. His DNA result shows the same mutation as what you had. Daddy and mommy’s heart broke as we receive the news. Although we are prepared for this to happen, on the other hand we had been praying to God throughout the pregnancy that this won’t happen. Indeed God has His own plan which is greater and better for us.

Everything seems hopeless. We continue praying to God that if it is God’s willing, please perform a miracle. But if baby Jeremy is going to suffer, we rather God take him to heaven so that he will be free from all sufferings. God choose to take him away from us. We do not know why but we still need to submit to His will.

I suppose by now, you would have seen him dancing happily in heaven above. Please help daddy and mommy to take good care of him. Mommy is so sorry that such tragedy happen again. Tell him that daddy, mommy and Jonathan kor kor love him and he will be close to our hearts just like where you are in our hearts now.

Till we meet in heaven…


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