Samantha – The Final Chapter

November 21st, 2010 by Kimmy

The Final Chapter

Moments with you were priceless,
Thank you Samantha for your presence in our lives.

Though you were a little not well,
Daddy, Mommy, Ah Ma and Po Po care for you restlessly,
hoping in our hearts you’ll be comfortable all the time.

Jonathan kor-kor miss you very much,
He still thinks that you are in the hospital.
He’ll understand one day that you’re with Jesus now.

Aunties and uncles will always remember you in their heart.

It will be heartaching for Mommy and Daddy when putting away your things and toys.
Daddy and Mommy will continue to draw strength from the Lord.
We will be blessing other babies with your stuff,
We hope you don’t mind.

Dr. Choy, Dr. Winnie and Dr. Shanti cares for you very much,
Do bless them so that they could care for other Mitochondrial babies too.

Samantha, your pain and sickness is now no more,
Jesus has taken care of that,
Enjoy your time with Jesus while waiting for Daddy and Mommy.

God will now continue to write your diary,
Do show to Daddy, Mommy and Jonathan kor-kor when we see you then.

Rest well our darling baby, you will be dearly missed.
Though you are far away from us, you are always close to our heart.
We loves you always.

~ Daddy


Indeed God loves her more than we do. Thank you all for your prayers. She is now in God’s good hand. No more pain, no more sickness and no more fear but joy and peace of our Lord, Jesus Christ.

Sam returns to God at 1:23PM 19 Nov 2010.
Her body was laid to rest in Sitiawan, her Daddy and Mommy’s hometown, on 20 Nov 2010.

Samantha…Daddy, Mommy & Jonathan kor-kor loves you.
You will be missed dearly… See you again in Heaven.


9 Responses to “Samantha – The Final Chapter”

  1. LingLing Says:

    She will always be in our heart.. 🙂

  2. Ah Chyi Says:

    I love you too BB Samantha. Er Yi missed you so much eventhough Er Yi is far in Penang. This is my first time losing someone that I really loved. Someone I held before in my arms and now not having a chance to do it anymore.

    Kimmy, you kind of cruel cause you put the title as Final Chapter. But the fact is true, it’s really the end of her life. Me very sad now…sob sob

  3. Paik Ling Says:

    It may be Sam’s final chapter on Earth but she has gazillions of pages to write of her time in Heaven. It will be an eternal book. I feel blessed to even have come to know of baby Sam through the blog. She will forever hold a special place in my heart even though I don’t know her and have never met her. We love you very much, baby Sam. Enjoy the green, green grass in Heaven. You are safe now. Amen.

  4. Ah Chyi Says:

    Er yi still misses you 🙂

  5. Da Yi Says:

    OMG, i didn’t know about tis website. So many things to say about baby Samantha…. i am really speechless. To me, ‘silence is still golden’. Baby Samantha da yi actually missed you so so much. Though you stay with da yi for a short period, da yi felt so lost…. When I came home on Sunday night, i thought i saw you lying on your chair in my living room. The next morning when i go to school n c the crying children, i c your eyes and think about you. I paused for a while to think of you. When i fold your clothes, my tears drop. is the last time tat i get to wash n fold your clothes for you. da yi think about the first few week when u stayed in my house n when i have to hand wash your clothes and complaining to popo about my rough hands. i thought i heard you cry from popo’s room yesterday when i took a nap. da yi cannot forget you, my dear samantha… too many things da yi do for you. i treasure the moment tat i hug u n try to remember your smell. da yi is waiting for you to appear in my dream. I love you Samantha.

  6. Ah Chyi Says:

    Funny…I still came in to see if I will see any story or update about Samantha. sigh..really last chapter. Kimmy, I think you better discontinue this page. Make me so sad…still very sad thinking about BB Samantha. Is she really in heaven now?
    Haw & Kimmy, I am glad that you both go back to work. Let us start this Christmas a new christmas with new life ok

  7. Kimmy Says:

    @LingLing, @Paik Ling – Thanks for your message
    @Chyi, @Teng – Samantha is the gem in our life and losing her is a big loss to us. We will continue to remember her.

  8. Ah Chyi Says:

    actually Kimmy, I will say not really big loss to you. God has it’s reason 🙂
    I hope you are getting better now. I am still think abt her sometimes….
    okla. see you on christmas. Jean had prepared a dance for her

  9. Da Yi Says:

    i love u baby sam. da yi suddenly think of u…..

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