Easter cum Fullmoon

April 27th, 2011 by Julie

Last Sunday (24 April 2011) was Easter. It reminded me of last year during this time. Samantha turned one month old. What a joy and thanksgiving for she managed to pull through her stormy neonatal period.  Teng helped to make some cupcakes to be given to Darling’s colleague.

Easter of last year, was the first time she went to church. We brought her to Kajang Chinese Methodist Church. But unfortunately, that was her first and last time at church. Still, we want to praise the Lord.

Me: Jonathan, do you remember you like to hold Samantha’s hand?
Jon: But Samantha die already. I cannot hold her hand.

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  1. Ah Chyi Says:

    one day raining, jean suddenly whisper to me softly “mummy, i miss bb samantha”

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