Jonathan Kor Kor’s Birthday

October 10th, 2011 by Julie

We celebrated Jonathan’s 4th birthday in school today. While Jonathan was giving out the party pack to his friends, his teacher reminded them to share with their brothers and sisters at home. Later that night, I had a conversation with Jonathan that goes like this…

Me: Jonathan, teacher say must share the party pack with who?
Jon: With our brother and sister.
Me: Do you have a brother or sister?
Jon: I don’t have.
Me: Are you sure?
Jon: Ermm…I have a sister. But she died already wor.

Last year, we celebrated Jonathan’s 3rd birthday on the same date as well…10 October. His actual birthday is 8 October. By God’s grace, Samantha was able to celebrate Jonathan’s 3rd birthday together with us.  Samantha was just 6 months at that time.  I wonder how she would look like by now. If she is still around, I think she will be as excited as her kor-kor when she sees Jonathan’s football cake. We probably would need to guard her from damaging the cake with her fingers. 😛

Here are some snapshots of the event with Samantha.

Missing you lots, sweetie!

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