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Only one kidney

Wednesday, June 9th, 2010

Samantha’s vomiting has reduced tremendously thanks to the doctors’ help. The doctor has narrowed down the cause to her existing condition, which is high level of lactic acid in her blood. Normal human will have acid level of 2, while Samantha has level 11. According to doctor, this is common with Mitochondrial disorder patients and could be controlled via Sodium Bicarbonate.

As Jonathan had serious vomiting before and was diagnosed with Pyloric Stenosis, Samantha had higher risk of having it. They did an ultrasound on her abdomen again for Pyloric Stenosis. The scan came back negative and it also confirmed that there are no obstruction to her digestive systems, which also rules out GERD.

There is however a clearer picture of what we might face with Samantha in the future, but this may change as she grows. Through the MRI, the doctor informed that there are damages to the brain part which controls her motor skills. Her legs and arms movement may be affected. There is also some part of the brain damages which affects her learning skills. There is also visible larger than normal water volume in her brain.

The good news is, Samantha don’t have to undergo any surgery for now. The Hydrocephalus which was said could be threatening her life turns out to be her skull closure were slow due to her existing illness. It will close over time.

Another findings was her left kidney is no where to be found via the ultrasound. Doctor is to perform additional test to check whether was it because she was born with only one kidney or the kidney was damaged during her first incident. If the kidney was destroyed during first incident, and it is left in the body, it could be toxic and need to be removed via surgery.

Samantha is scheduled to discharge either this Friday or Saturday, and at most on Monday.