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Worsening vomitting and lethargy

Wednesday, June 30th, 2010

Samantha has been continuously having constant vomiting even after the last admission. For the past few days, we saw that she became lethargic with sunken eyes. She don’t even cry for feeds anymore, only cry when uncomfortable. She has very mild absorption of food that we feed her, even with breast milk.

Yesterday night, we made the choice to admit her again to hospital. This time, we’ve admitted her to KL General Hospital. She was immediately put on tube feeding and oxygen gas. 10ml on every feed with 5ml of water through the tube.

Doctors there are trained for metabolic disorder patients. Samantha will be reassessed again on her symptoms.

Her blood test result revealed that lactate acid value is 17 mmol/L. During her first admission, the value was 22 mmol/L. Second admission was 11 mmol/L. Normal human is  1–2 mmol/L.

We are asking for your prayers that Samantha’s lactate acid will be reduced and she will be able to regain her strength and appetite.  Thank you very much.